hi! i'm lystelle, a student who's all for anything and everything japan. my main fandom is the Kagerou Project fandom, but i'm really into some other series as well. i kind of draw (a lot) but i never really post it, someday i might start an art blog. i also love writing (i'm currently working on what i hope will be a book) and all sorts of technology! i'm extremely shy and have really bad social anxiety, even online, so it's really hard for me to communicate towards people i'd love to become friends with. i also have some depression/self-harm issues, so if you see any negative personal posts here, please don't let them bother you.

overall, don't be afraid to approach me, because it makes me really happy to have someone to talk to! thanks for passing by!

currently into~

free!, kagepro, tokyo ghoul, wadanohara and the great blue sea,, haikyuu!, zankyou no terror, kyoukai no kanata, and black ☆ rock shooter.

doesn’t anyone else in the Kagepro/KNK fandom think these two are related

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